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The ensemble “Cascada de Flores” delighted the Mixtecan public marzo 9, 2013

The ensemble “Cascada de Flores” delighted the Mixtecan public marzo 9, 2013
* The ensemble from San Francisco California, referred to the trials of migration.
By Lauro Reyes/Igavec

The enchanting voice of Arwen Lawrence, vocalist of the group “Cascada de Flores”, from San Francisco, California, accompanied by 4 excellent musicians, delighted the Heroic Town of Tezoatlán de Segura y Luna in the 5th night of the Expo Tezoatlán 2013, where the theme of migration touched sensitive fibers, since many of the Tezoatecans could not visit the Señor de La Capilla this year, due to the tightening of anti-migrant measures.

“A musical journey jumping borders, from country to country, city to [countryside]”, defined the concert in which many pieces were dedicated to the countryfolk who flee their homes searching for the ‘American Dream’. Many Tezoatecans felt as if in a trance of peace and harmony, upon hearing each of the interpretations of Cascada de Flores, but they also felt connected, because although Arwen is Californian, she shared time since her youth with the Mexican community in
the United States, where she learned to love the roots of communities such as Oaxaca. With Jorge Liceaga, she started out on the adventure of exploring the music and dance of the people.

The group thanked the director of the Orquesta Pasatono, Rubén Luengas, for having introduced them to the richness of the music from la Mixteca and for bringing them to what is the beauty of Tezoatlán.

“People that migrate to other places speak of their experiences of not finding what they expected, of the difficulties, but very few speak of how they change the lives of those who live in the country they’ve arrived to. Mexicans who live in California changed my life, I who am from there, I fell in love with their culture, they put me under their wings and set me
to fly: I found my voice” she said to the public.

With composers such as Higinia Peláez, Ñico Saquito, Luis Moreno, Agustín Lara, among others, they brought to life music from yesteryear of Mexico, Cuba and Puerto Rico. A clarinet solo in the song “Cómo Fue” [by Ernesto Duarte] and the magnificent voice of Arwen, made the most romantic moment of the evening.

The cool evening passed by not only illuminated by the moon, but by the art of Cascada de Flores who bid farewell with the danzoneteof Peregrina. With the municipal esplanade
that gave an ovation to Cascada de Flores completely full, the musicians parted leaving a fresh and renewed spirit.